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Things I Miss Due To Lockdown

It’s day I-stopped-keeping-track-around-50 in this lockdown and oh boy. This started off as a journal entry though I did start this blog as a place where I can dump my thoughts into, hence here it is. We’re starting to see some light and understanding as to what restrictions can be eased and what we’d be able to do here in Sydney once certain goals are reached. It has been… around two and a half months since lockdown started, which has got me thinking about all the things I’ve missed.



Yes, not movies, but cinemas. The experience of going out and watching something on the big screen with great audio, somewhat comfy seats and popcorn. Whether it’s with other people or just by myself, I just… want to watch Shang-Chi before I get exposed to a spoiler.

Window Shopping

I have done a lot of online window shopping this past few months. I’ve put things in my cart and thought to myself ‘oh wouldn’t it be nice’. Sometimes I end up pressing checkout, sometimes I don’t, but I do like walking around shops just to look at pretty things, not to mention the books. There are dozens of photos on my phone of books that I meant to keep note of or add to my want to read list.


Sitting down at a cafe to eat has always been something I love doing. Particularly at a specific one at my local suburb. I’ve always ordered the same thing, french toast and a cappuccino and I sit there and take my time. Most of the time when I eat in cafes or restaurants, I like to sit there and take my time, especially at my favourite places.


Whether it’s road trips or a trip to the park to just sit down, 20 minutes or 3 hours from my house, I just miss taking trips. I miss being in a car and a train and looking at anything but the view outside my bedroom window. To go somewhere just to go there, not necessarily for anything else.

Actually seeing people

I miss hanging out with people, sharing all the experiences on this list with someone. I miss the drives, the food runs. I want people to be able to cross borders. I want to see my boyfriend. I want a hug. Every time I hug my sister, she just says “ew” and leans away.

All the weird stuff

I’ve taken a lot of photos of just things I’ve found around Sydney that I think are just weird, sometimes very creepy. I miss seeing weird stuff.

Now that I think about it, this kind of acts like a bucket list of just things I want to do as soon as I can. I’m not big on travel or wanting to go back to campus even though those things would be great. I just miss being outside and all the little things that I had in my routine that make me happy, as much as I love my computer (thank you for letting me live vicariously through your connections to the net).

-Alyssa ❤️

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  1. AM September 14, 2021 at 10:18 pm - Reply

    I also wanna go back to the cinemas!

    I also wanna watch Shang-Chi, even if it’s just on Disney+ 😡

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