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Stories I’ve Loved Recently

Hello! It’s been a while and I’m adjusting to post-lockdown life so here’s a quick post just to share with you all what I’ve been loving recently.

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the seven husbands of evelyn hugo

The Seven Husbands of Evelyn Hugo

by Taylor Jenkins Reid


My first TJR novel and I decided to go with this one and.. oh boy. This book left me feeling a lot of things. I wanted more but I knew the story ended in a great way, what else would I ask for. I just found myself sitting there, thinking of all these characters and their lives. Evelyn Hugo was such a raw and believable character that I wanted to read more about her. She is complex, sometimes making you question her actions and thoughts, and very unapologetic. And yes, I love her.

This book followed Evelyn’s whole life story as she tries to make it in Old Hollywood. It explores sexuality, race, friendships and many more. Everyone, please, read this book.

P.S. I’ve also found a new comfort character in Harry Cameron.


aristotle and dante discover the secrets of the universe

Aristotle and Dante Discover the Secrets of the Universe

by Benjamin Alire Sáenz


I’ve had this book sitting in my bookshelf for about the past five years, I’ve picked it up before but I was going through a reading slump and I kept losing focus. I started reading it again a few months ago and then sped through the second half of the book. If you think about it, perfect timing as the sequel is coming out soon and I definitely need it after reading the ending.

Reading this story from Ari’s point of view was definitely interesting for me, he’s quiet, doesn’t have a lot of friends and he’s alright with that. He has this ‘nonchalant’ feeling about him that was very hard to relate to, I felt as though I’d relate to Dante more. This book is a coming of age story that explores a lot more than the relationship between Ari and Dante. I really enjoyed how soulful their respective families were and how it showed two families coming together and being friends.



Squid Game


Oh I love a good hunger-game-battle-royale-alice-in-borderlands type story. This was one that was sitting on my queue since the trailer came out. It gave me heavy Alice in Borderlands vibes and I need more stories like that while I wait for the second season.

Squid Game follows Seong Gi-Hun as he participates in a series of games that rewards it’s final player with a fortune. It was such a fun series to binge, it always left you excited for the next episode and what the next game might be. It has one of the best and memorable first episodes I’ve ever seen in a show. It’s success is well deserved.



Maid exceeded expectations for me. It was painfully relatable at times. It was heartbreaking and heartwarming throughout the show. Maid follows Alex, a newly single mom, trying to provide for her almost 3 year old daughter Maddy. She’s met with a lot of battles and obstacles such as homelessness, emotional abuse and the hardships of poverty.

Someone please give Margaret Qualley an award for her performance in this. I loved watching her in scenes with Alex’s mom, Paula (played by her real life mother, the wonderful Andie MacDowell). Although it was sometimes frustrating to watch her try so hard and not only do people literally shut doors in her face, but they also don’t listen to her. All you want to do is give her a hug.

Midnight Mass


Where do I even begin?

This was one of those shows that I went into knowing barely anything. All I needed to know was that it was another Mike Flanagan series that has his gorgeous wife, Kate Siegel and this show was on my Netflix queue. Midnight Mass follows the story of the residents of an island, and the arrival of a new priest, as strange and miraculous events start happening. And this show took a turn.

It explores religion, alcoholism and death in a very beautiful way. Just like The Haunting anthology, we’re given profound monologues and strong character bonds. Flanagan always knows how to make you root for certain characters/character pairings.

Midnight Mass also has the most religious Karen of Karens (Samantha Sloyan, well done). It was interesting to see how religion played a part in how evil is seen and portrayed.


What has everyone been obsessing over these days?


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    Nice blog post, in terms of both content and visuals.

    I’m currently in comics mode, specifically, Scott Snyder and Greg Capullo’s works. Done with Dark Nights: Metal and Batman: Last Knight on Earth. Currently in Dark Nights: Death Metal.

    I hope to get into game mode soon.

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