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I watched 30 movies this month – Aug ’21 recap

And just like that, August is over. Sydney is still in lockdown and will be for another month(ish) I believe though I’m keeping my fingers crossed, you never know. University is slow as well so I just dove into a lot of fiction this month. I know I spend a lot of time watching movies, especially during a lockdown but I did shock myself this month when I was gathering the statistics.

It was a bit of a slow reading month for August, though I did spend two weeks of it staring at a cart full of books that keep asking me to buy them for retail therapy. Let’s dive into the stories!


Heartstopper (Vol. 1-3)

This series is one of the most heartwarming things I have ever read. You know that feeling when you step away from a book because it’s too much in a sad way? Moments from this were too much in a ‘this is so freaking cute way’.

Charlie and Nick are two characters that you just love off the bat and root for. You always want to know more from their story.


Yes, as you probably know from the title of this post, I watched 30 movies? Is this a lot for me? Maybe? Is it a lot while I’m in a lockdown? Maybe not? Anyway, I won’t go through them all though I did make this little infographic as a quick little visual way to look at them well.

Here are some special mentions from the ones I watched this month:


The Handmaiden (2016)


Oh my god, how have I put off seeing this movie for this long? It was probably the almost 3 hour run time. Better late than never! I barely knew anything about this movie apart from the fact that almost any comment on it was a spoiler so people told me to just go into it knowing nothing, and I did. This movie exceeded my expectations and Park Chan-wook has done it again, applause to you. I highly, highly recommend this one.

Happiness (1998)


I stand by my Letterboxd review for this one.

It was so different from any other type of movie I’ve seen and it makes you sit there for two hours feeling so uncomfortable, definitely a different way of showing some dark humour.

Jungle Cruise (2021)


I went into this movie not expecting much, I thought it would be your average adventure movie. While it is, it is done so well. It brought on a sense of nostalgia for me, bringing me back to the era of classic adventure films like this one. I absolutely loved it.


Manifest (S1-2)


First of all, I would like to thank the gods of Netflix for picking this show up after it got cancelled. This show has always been on my list though when I heard it was getting cancelled, I didn’t want to watch it and then be left with a cliffhanger that wouldn’t be solved. I sped through the first two seasons of this show, it reminded me of how I felt when I binged Lost (no, not just because of the plane).

P.S. I’m still crossing my fingers that Netflix will pick up The Society again.

The Chair


Oh, Sandra Oh. Since Killing Eve, I’ve been wanting more roles played by Sandra Oh because she’s just flawless. The Chair revolves around Ji-Yoon, who is the chair of an English department. I really enjoyed this. The simplest way I can describe how I viewed it is that The Chair is a show about people being people. It follows a simple plot though doesn’t necessarily have the structure of a clear conflict that gets resolved at the last episode. It’s very light and fluffy and heartwarming and real.



Anyone who knows me, knows I love a good whodunnit TV show. Clickbait is a mini series about Nick Brewer and a video of him that got posted on the internet. Each episode uses the perspective of different people in such a clever and polished way, revealing details at just the right moments to the audience.

Z Nation (S1-2)


I’m not gonna lie, DJ Qualls was the reason I started this show. It’s a group of people travelling across America while fighting zombies, what’s not to love?

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How was august for you?


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