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After 15 years of creating one of the biggest families in TV history, Supernatural airs for the last time today. I don’t even know where to start to even begin to explain to anyone how much Supernatural impacted my life.

I first came across the show at the height of its Tumblr fame back in 2013. For some reason, people just chose Supernatural, Doctor Who and Sherlock to be the top tier shows in that time (though to me, they still are). I remember having to decide on what show to binge on a three week trip back home to the Philippines when I was bored and I thought ‘Supernatural has 8 seasons, this would be a challenge’. I spent three weeks getting up to date and it has been in my life ever since.

Thank you, to a show that has somehow brought together a large and dedicated group of fans who not only stick up for the show but stick up for each other. To the friends that I have made purely by bonding about this show. To the times that this show was there for me when I was feeling down, whether it made me cry or laugh. To a show that always challenged television and always wondered just how far they could push their stories (I’m looking at you French Mistake and Scoobynatural).

Thank you, for forcing me to expand my creativity. For reminding me of all the little things in life. For making me laugh and for making me cry whenever literally everyone dies. For showing people that family doesn’t end in blood and for telling us to Always Keep Fighting.

I am confident in saying that no other show could impact me like Supernatural has. Even with it gone, it will stay in the lives of so many people that it has touched, changed and brought together. I cannot thank you enough for literally saving my life.

Carry on.

All Hell Breaks Loose, 2015


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